About Nuzzle Bed

Home of the Original Nuzzle Bed Crate & Travel Mat, based in Temecula, California.

Our Nuzzle Bed Mat is pet inspired, patent designed to give your pets the freedom to perform their natural instinct to burrow or knead, while keeping the soft oversized faux fur inside the pet bed. The bed was designed with luxurious faux fur imitating the closeness of a furry companion or a motherโ€™s touch easing their anxiety while at home alone or traveling.

We offer unique fashionable pet products that will enhance your petโ€™s lives and

home decor.

  • Innovation

    Patented Design

    Attached Oversized Soft Faux Fur

  • High Quality

    Water Resistant

    Moisture Barrier

    Machine Washable

    Premium Grade Batting

  • Usability



    Dog Houses