Our Story

After my adult children left to college, I had the wonderful privilege of becoming the new owner of my daughter's fun, loving Yorkshire named Diego. As you are aware, most dogs and cats are born with a natural instinct to burrow or knead. Diego was no exception!

In my attempt to accommodate Diego’s natural instincts, I placed a soft blanket inside his bed. He instantly started to nuzzle and burrow until he created his most comfortable position before lying down for that perfect nap.

Diego's blanket, however, constantly ended up on the floor after performing his burrowing habits day and night.

My creative impulse as a fashion designer took his bed apart. I then gathered the large soft blanket and sewed it around the interior of the pet bed, leaving a movable oversized blanket.


The Original Nuzzle Bed Mat allows the freedom for your pet to perform their natural instinct to burrow or knead, while keeping the oversize fabric inside the bed. I designed the pet bed with soft luxurious faux fur imitating the closeness of a furry friend or a mother’s touch easing their anxiety.

Your loving pets will enjoy traveling, playful digging, and snuggling with their new

Nuzzle Bed!

I am eternally grateful to God, my loving and supportive family, friends and neighbors. I'm thankful to the amazing mentors and fellow entrepreneur.